Our specialized programs will teach your child to be safe, follow directions, and improve concentration in a fun and positive atmosphere.  The Tiny Tigers program is designed for children ages 4-6.  Learn More
Develop greater self-esteem, discipline, and leadership skills while learning self-defense.  The Karate for Kids program is designed for children ages 7-12.  Learn More
Our adult program is customized for teens and adults above the age of 13. Gain the confidence of knowing you can defend yourself or ones you love if the need ever arises. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself, but imporove your overall fitness level with increased cardio, strength, and flexibility. Learn More
Adult Self-Defense Learn serious self-defense and increase confidence while improving your fitness level and reducing stress. This program is for teens and adults ages 13 and above. Learn More

ATA Leadership
Our Leadership program offers students an opportunity to aspire to an even greater level of achievement. The mission of the Leadership program is to create leaders to meet the Needs of Our World, adept in the core life skills necessary for success. Leadership students learn the importance of leading by example and supporting their communities. Required to step up their physical and mental training, students are rewarded with unique opportunities and advanced curriculum designed to bring out their best.
To learn more about TaeKwonDo, visit the American TaeKwonDo Association and TryATA web sites.