Mr. Shawn Dillow, a 6th degree black belt, is the owner and chief instructor of the Kuna ATA Martial Arts school. Mr. Dillow is a dedicated martial artist and he loves to teach both children and adults.

Dillow’s ATA Martial Arts offers Tiny Tigers, Karate for Kids, adult Taekwondo, and Leadership programs. The entire family can learn and work out together.

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Dillow's ATA helps moms and dads build good character in our kiddos! Dillow's teachings are not only being heard, but applied! I like it when we are in the midst of living our lives, like ordering at a restaurant and I hear my 4 year old say (unprompted), "Can I please have..." and "...thank you ma'am" or when my son runs ahead and opens the door for mom.

~ Ramona Kramer ~

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Please check the updated schedule as we are now on a new Summer schedule!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for making the first Dillows ATA Board Break-A-Thon a success! Please support these local businesses!